HCL Connections Docs – 2.0.1 Update Issue

Lately I had an issue upgrading from HCL Docs 2.0 CR3 iFix009 to 2.0.1. While upgrading “Docs Editor” application, using upgrade/install scripts, I was blessed with the following error code:

2021-03-05 17:23:16,464 INFO –>IM:RegisterDocsInNews
2021-03-05 17:23:16,465 INFO Register Docs application in Connections News Started
2021-03-05 17:23:40,280 INFO Register Docs application in Connections News completed
2021-03-05 17:23:47,996 INFO –>IM:ReviseLotusConnectionsConfig
2021-03-05 17:23:47,997 INFO Register Docs application in LCC.xml
2021-03-05 17:24:03,913 INFO Exception: ‘ascii’ codec can’t encode character u’\xa0′ in position 32627: ordinal not in range(128)
2021-03-05 17:24:03,913 ERROR Error while executing command, now rollback previous changes…
2021-03-05 17:24:03,913 INFO –>IM:Rollback RegisterDocsInNews
2021-03-05 17:24:03,914 INFO Rollback successfully.
2021-03-05 17:24:03,914 INFO Remove temp dir…
2021-03-05 17:24:03,915 INFO Exception: Upgrade failed. Check log file for more detail.
2021-03-05 17:24:03,915 INFO –>IM:FAILED

Although it took me a lot of time to solve this issue, it is quite simple.  I don’t know how, but I had some “Non-breaking space” characters in the LotusConnections-config.xml file for which, as it turns out, Python 2.7 does not show a lot of love.

To solve this problem I have done the following:

  1. Login to the WAS Deployment Manager and check out the LotusConnections-config.xml.
  2. Create a backup of the file.
  3. Delete all “Non-breaking space characters.
    • I managed to do this only in vim editor, by using the following setting “set list listchars=nbsp:!”.
    • Delete all newly shown “Non-breaking space” characters.
    • For more information, take a look at the Stack Exchange post.
  4. Check the file back in.
  5. Synchronize all WAS nodes in the cell.
  6. Restart the installation.

After that, the installation should complete. I hope this helps. 🙂

Note that the Error code shown above lists the exact position in the “LotusConnections-config.xml” file where the problematic character was found in the first place, but this can be misleading as you could have more than one “Non-breaking space” character in the file, so make sure to delete all of those characters.


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