HCL Notes/Domino 12 & HCL Nomad Web 1.0 – Available for Download

HCL has shipped HCL Notes/Domino 12 (including HCL Notes Traveler 12.0) & HCL Nomad Web 1.0 ahead of schedule and before the global unveiling on the 7th of June!

Everyone eligible by having a valid License should be able to download the new software via HCL License & Delivery Portal.

Happy downloading!


HCL Domino v12 Preview – HCL Digital Week

Today, as a part of the HCL Digital Week, we had an opportunity to take a glimpse into the future and the v12 version of HCL Domino. In the following I will write a brief summary of the session, along with a few thoughts of my own.

In terms of upgrading to the v12 release, we got to see a live demo of the update from v9 to v12 of Domino. It took only about 5 to 10 Minutes to successfully upgrade the Domino server to the version 12. Business as usual. πŸ™‚

It looks like the emphasis of the new version will not be on the traditional Notes client, as of now, it does not look like the HCL Notes 12 will get a major overhaul from the previous version. Although, we got to see the “Type Ahead Search” feature, which is a welcome addition!

On the other hand, we will get a new web based client, HCL Nomad Web client. Which gets me extremely excited because this client has the full functionality of the traditional Notes client. HCL Nomad Web client will run on all most popular Browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari…) and will be supported on Windows, Linux and macOS!

HCL Nomad Web Client – Supported Platforms

Here are some screenshots from the new HCL Nomad Web Client:

HCL Nomad Web client can be installed by opening a URL in a web browser, the whole installation takes about a minute (although this is dependable on your network bandwidth). The access, to the installation page, can be secured via two-factor authentication (2FA).

HCL Nomad Web client installation

This brings us to other cool features which will come with HCL Domino v12, FaceID and other biometric means of authentication will be supported in HCL Nomad mobile client.

HCL Nomad Mobile client

It will be possible to integrate HCL Domino Applications in Microsoft Teams, as long as the Domino Applications can be opened in web.

HCL Verse on-Premises will be fully supported in a web browser on mobile devices.

On the other hand, on desktop, HCL is working on a fully integrated user experience, this is something I can’t wait to get. Things like Verse on-Premises and Sametime Meetings integration. It will be possible to access a Sametime Meeting from a mobile device, by scanning a QR-Code from Verse on-Premises Client.

There was a lot of talk today about cloud and containerization and HCL Domino v12 session was no exception, Domino v12 will run on most major cloud platforms, HCL also guarantees that your backup solution will support Domino v12. The whole backup process will be reinvented so it could be easily supported by all backup software vendors.

Cloud and Backup

Which brings us to the “Cloud Native” journey. When installing HCL Domino v12, a “one click install” will be possible by using a JSON configuration file. In terms of ease of deployment and automation, this means a great deal.

HCL Domino’s Cloud Native Journey

A few new security features will also be implemented. As mentioned, 2FA and biometric authentication on mobile devices will be supported out of the box as well as the whole process of obtaining and using the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates. Active Directory Password Sync will also be available in the next release, one password for AD, HCL Notes and Domino Web Access, finally! πŸ™‚

HCL Notes Designer v12 is going to allow easier development of responsive applications, here we have a clear focus on developing and modernizing applications for mobile devices.

HCL Domino Volt is going to be enhanced even more, a more simplified web administration page will be delivered as well as connectors for third party solutions.

HCL Domino Volt and Domino v12

Domino v12 will be available in 2021 in Q2 until then we can participate in HCL Nomad Web Beta!

HCL Nomad Web Beta

HCL Domino v12 will bring a lot of new highly requested features, I can’t wait for it to come, the orientation is clearly on mobile and cloud, as well as building a secure and highly functional backend for the rapid low- and pro-code development.

Nominations are open for HCL Ambassadors!

It is that nice time of the year again, the nominations for HCL Ambassadors are open! If you feel that any individual has helped you personally or contributed to the HCL Community, outside their defined area of work, please do take a minute to nominate that person. You can do it under the following URL:


The HCL Ambassador program allows the nominee to access a lot of betas, information, help, support and some cool assets, which in turn is going to benefit you.

Visit the official HCL Ambassador Website to find out more about the program.

Please do not feel obliged to nominate me by any means, but if you think that I deserve it, you can paste the following information to the nomination form:

Firstname: Milan
Lastname: Matejic
E-mail: milan.matejic@axians.at
Country: Austria
Company: Axians ICT Austria GmbH
Job Title: IT Consultant
Current HCL Ambassador: No
HCL Brand: Digital Solutions
Blog url: https://milanmatejic.wordpress.com
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/milan-matejic-45536511a/
Twitter: @Milan_Matejic90
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/milan.s.matejic
Products: HCL Domino/Notes, HCL Connections, HCL Sametime, HCL Safelinx


I am giving my best to blog in my spare time about HCL Products, Achivements and Fixes I have self found.
I was speaking at Engage 2020, I held a Session “Implementing Certificate Based Authentication for HCL Traveler Access”. More on that under the following URL:


Inside my company I advertise about HCL Collaboration Products and help my colleagues inside and outside the company build Know-How with these Products, by having remote Sessions with them.
I managed to convince our Customers to continue to use HCL Domino and HCL Connections, and not migrate to other platform.

In the last five years I haven’t missed a single ICS Event in Vienna and I gave my best to take as many as possible colleagues and customers to it.
I was strongly advertising for HCL Domino v10 and v11, blogging frequently about it and spreading the news to our customers. I also encouraged and helped Colleagues and Customers to
Submit Ideas on HCL Domino and HCL Connections Ideas Blog.


1) Speaking at Engage 2020


2) Blogging & pushing HCL News on social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing,…)


3) Member and contributor of Enthusiasts Groups regarding HCL Collaboration Software (Domino, Sametime Connections)

-) OpenNTF Slack Channel (Domino, Sametime, Connections)

-) Facebook groups




And if you do nominate me, please let me know! πŸ˜‰

Live from Tokyo – In Vienna

My employer, Axians ICT Austria GmbH, is sponsoring “HCL Tokyo Live Viewing Party” and hereby you are invited.

In Addition to the Live Stream from Tokyo, the Agenda is stacked with sessions about HCL Digital Solutions software, which will be held by Axians and other event sponsors. We also have a special guest, Cornelius Granig, the author of “The Darknet”.

If you are still not convinced, check out the cool location we have reserved.

Make sure not to miss the Live Stream from Tokyo, we will be especially delighted if you would watch it together with us in Vienna, to do so, make sure to register.

HCL Domino v11, Connections v6.5 and more – Live Keynote

It’s that beautiful time of the year again, we get to play with the new Software. The HCL has announced a Live Keynote, this time from Tokyo. The keynote is going to be streamed live, and we will be able to see the version 11 of Domino/Notes, Connections and Sametime. This event is rather short, set to last for one and a half hour, during which we are going to hear about the most important facts of the new Software Version and how to start using it right away. Take a look at the Agenda below:

9–9:15 a.m.: Live from Tokyo Keynote: A Major HCL Milestone.
Presenter: Richard Jefts, General Manger, HCL Digital Solutions

9:15–9:30 a.m.: Domino V11: Why Modernizing Beats Migrating.
Presenter: Andrew Manby, Vice President of Product Management, HCL Domino

9:30–9:45 a.m.: Domino V11 Demo: One Vendor, One Solution, One Stack. The Only Stack You Need.
Presenter: Andrew Manby, Vice President of Product Management, HCL Domino

9:45–10 a.m.: We Hear You: HCL Connections 6.5 = More Value from Your Investment.
Presenter: Danielle Baptiste, Vice President of Product Management, HCL Connections

10–10:15 a.m.: Boost Engagement with HCL Connections 6.5: We’ll Show You How.
Presenter: Danielle Baptiste, Vice President of Product Management, HCL Connections

10:15–10:30 a.m.: Get Started with Domino V11 and Connections 6.5 Today.
Presenter: François Nasser, Global Sales Leader, HCL Digital Solutions

You can register for the Keynote using a GoToWebinar.

So what’s my take on this? HCL has proven that they are all about getting work done. Maybe even more important, they focus on doing the work that matters most for the customers, delivering much awaited Features. This shows in the Agenda, it is short and fully “packed”. I like this, this is a most welcome change.

I have been working with Notes V11 Beta 1 for two months or so, although this is the first beta Version, which is not publicly available, it is stable and looks very promising.

I can’t wait to see Connections 6.5, the IU should be cleaner, and along new features, we will get a lot of complementary software, free of charge. Like HCL Connections Invite and Connections Toolbar.

By the way, the new Digital Solutions Product Branding looks awesome!