IBM Traveler APNS Certificate Expires on 12.08.2017

As of tomorrow, 12.08.2017, the APNS Certificate used by Traveler will expire and will not be valid anymore. For everybody who is running Traveler this is a good time to update to a newer version. The current version of IBM Notes Traveler is

You can also update the certificate files, as Detlev described in his blog post.

Why is APNS Certificate important? IBM Technical Support Video



Traveler is out and it brings one big change!

Since yesterday the new Traveler Update is out.

As usual there are a few bugfixes, but this time there is also a new feature which changes the way the users mail file is accessed.

Until now the users mail database was accessed by the Traveler server using the server ID, but starting from Traveler the “run as user” Feature will be enabled by default, which means that the users mail database will be accessed with a user ID rather than the server ID. This behavior can be disabled by using the “notes.ini” parameter “NTS_USER_SESSION=false“.

Details on what´s new.

The Traveler update can be downloaded from Fix Central.

IBM Notes Traveler Available

IBM Notes Traveler Update is available for Download.

This update covers all previous updates and beside usual fixes, this updates enables Java 1.8 Support. Which is important and makes this update a requirement before installing IBM Domino Feature Pack 8 which will come later on.

Fix List

Release Notes

Download from Fix Central

Make sure to visit Daniel Nashed´s Blog, specifically the posts about IBM Domino 9.0.1 Feature Pack 8 and Java 1.8 Support where he described the impact of the coming changes and new features in great detail.

IBM Traveler Derby Database Corruption

After an OS restart we encountered a problem with the Traveler Server, the local Derby database became corrupt, and therefore Traveler clients could not sync the enterprise data.

After starting the Traveler task the following errors were logged in the console:

[09C4:000C-0B5C] <Timestamp>   Traveler: WARNING <Username> Session ID d082448615552a82da8175a9ea5d071a309 could not be associated with any existing PS threads.

[09C4:000C-0B5C] <Timestamp>   Traveler: SEVERE  <Username>  Exception Thrown: com.lotus.sync.db.PersistenceException: java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: Invalid Properties list in FROM list.  There is no index ‘IDX_GUIDNEXT_1’ on table ‘GU

[09C4:000C-0B5C] <Timestamp>   Traveler: WARNING <Username> Sync exception being treated as a backend failure. Exception Thrown: com.lotus.sync.db.PersistenceException: java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: Invalid Properties list in FROM list.

Next course of action was to try to defrag the Database which solved the problem. I simply removed the Traveler task from the “notes.ini” file and started it with “Load Traveler -defrag” command. The defragmentation Process took about 10 Minutes after which the Traveler task was started and the mobile devices could sync the PIM Data without any problems.

The following article from IBM also describes a similar behavior: