HCL Connections 7 – PDF Export Issues

After upgrading to HCL Connections 7, the new PDF Export feature didn’t work. By clicking on the new “PDF” button inside the Wiki Page and trying to export it as a PDF, I would get an error in the GUI. In my two environments where I have encountered this, I had to do the following steps.

  1. Install “wkhtmltopdf” software and additional fonts.

This step is very well documented in the official documentation. Albeit a bit hidden.

2. Modify the IC360 configuration parameters.

In order to do this, login to the WAS Administration Console or ISC, and navigate to “Resources –>Resource Environment –> Resource environment entries –> ic360 –> Custom Properties”. Make sure that the following configuration parameters are correct:

“http.hostname” should correspond with the FQDN you are using to access HCL Connections, for example “social.domain.com”.

“http.auth.admin.user” set to WAS Administrator username.

“http.auth.admin.password” needs to have the value of WAS Administrator password. When changing the password, just delete the whole value, including “{xor}” in the field, after saving, the password will automatically be encrypted with XOR.

For additional information about IC360 configuration parameters, refer to the official documentation.

3. Sync and restart IC360 Applications.

After doing the steps mentioned above, you should be able to export the HCL Connections content to PDF files.


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