Next Week is going to be interesting – Spoiler Alert!

For everybody working in ICS, next week is going to be pretty interesting,

Domino 10.0.1 together with Notes Client 10.0.1 (including the Mac Version) is going to be published next week, on December 18th, to be precise.

Verse on-Premises 1.0.6 is also coming out, I just can´t wait to start using it, because if I remember the feature list correctly…ics….support….. 😀 Fireworks! 🙂

The new Domino Community and Notes Community 10.0.1 Server will also be released, so the developers can develop their applications on Domino without any licensing costs. There was also a rumor to change the license so it can be used in production (FOR FREE) for a certain number of users, also for MAIL. I think this is a great idea. Create a few Docker Containers for Mail and Development, no Licensing Costs, imagine that!




Problems adding Blogs Widget after updating to Connections CR3

I am not 100% sure if this is related to IBM Connections CR3 Update oder WAS 8.5.5 FP14 update. But after I applied both updates, I got the following error in the GUI, when I tried to add the “Blogs” or “Ideation Blogs” widget to a community:

CLFWZ0004E: Event ‘widget.added’ sent to remote lifecycle handler at /blogs/roller-ui/ returned bad response: 302 – Found

I was able to solve this issue by mapping the “wasadmin” user to the “reader” role in Blogs “Security role to user/group mapping”. In one Instance I needed to map the “reader” role to the “All Authenticated in Application´s Realm”. Take a look to the Screenshot bellow:


IBM Docs 2.0 CR3 iFix 006 Available

As of today Docs 2.0 CR3 iFix 006 is available for download from the Fix Central, it includes the following Fixes:

  • Common:
    • Fixed the issue of failing to open files when the browser language setting is en-* other than en, en-us, or en-gb by providing a solution of language fallback to en.
    • Fixed the sanity check failure of soffice process on Linux Conversion server.
    • Fixed the hang issue caused by some files with specific wmf images.
    • Fixed a rare issue that content might be corrupted when multiple editors start editing the same document at the same time.

    Documents editor:

    • Fixed the issue of one specific document that contains empty shape cannot be opened after publishing.
    • Fixed the issue of title shown as “undefined” in the dialog of  Insert Special Character.
    • Fixed the issue that some comment items are duplicated in the view of comments list when co-editing.

    Presentations editor:

    • Added Copy Formatting that you can use to quickly copy and apply text styles and list styles by clicking the icon.
    • Increased the supported file size to 300 slides and 100MB, and removed the restriction of 3000 objects(such as text boxes, shapes, images and OLE objects).
    • Fixed the issue that font size shown in IBM Docs presentation editor is smaller than in MS office.

    Spreadsheets editor:

    • Fixed the date time formatting issue in some specific time zones (for example, Dublin Summer Time) after upgrading your browser.


    • Fixed the issue that documents cannot be opened in Viewer when watermark is turned on.

Prior to installing this iFix you need to install CR3 for IBM Docs 2.0, iFix 006 includes the updates from all previous iFix updates.

Official Release Notes to IBM Docs 2.0 CR3 iFix006.


DeskCenter Management Suite Version is out!

A new DeskCenter Management Suite Version is available for download, with the new Version Windows 10 Build 1809 and Windows Server 2019 is now supported inside the “OS Deployment” Module.



Kategorie /
Modul / module Beschreibung Description
BugFix Helpdesk Ein Fehler bei der Ticketerstellung in
DeskCenter.Web wurde behoben, so dass die
hinterlegte Bearbeitergruppe der ausgewählten
Ticketvorlage korrekt verwendet wird.
An error in DeskCenter.Web is fixed, the configured
assignee group of the selected ticket template will be
used properly.
BugFix GUI Ein Fehler wurde behoben, so dass beim Start
des Management Studios die zuletzt verwendete
Ansicht innerhalb aller Menüs wieder korrekt inkl.
Filtereinstellung geladen wird.
When starting the Management Studio, the last used
view including filter options is now loaded properly in
all menus.
New Feature OS Deployment Die Verteilung von Windows 10 Build 1809 und
Windows Server 2019 wird im OS Deployment
Deployment of Windows 10 Build 1809 and
Windows Server 2019 is now supported within the
OS Deployment.
BugFix License Management Ein Fehler in der Benutzerzuordnung der Office
365 Lizenzen wurde behoben.
An error with the user assignment of Office 365
licenses is fixed.
New Feature OS Deployment Der DeskCenter PXE Service und der Windows
DHCP-Server können nun auf dem gleichen
System unter Verwendung des gleichen
Netzwerkadapters (NIC) verwendet werden.
The DeskCenter PXE Service and the Windows DHCP
server running on the same system can now use the
same NIC.
BugFix Service and Configuration Remote verbundene Worker Services verbinden
sich nun wieder korrekt mit dem Data Service,
wenn die Verbindung zuvor für mehr als eine
Minute unterbrochen war.
Remote connected Worker Services reconnect
properly with the Data Service when the connection
was interrupted for more than one minute.



IBM Application Access – Support on Windows Terminal Servers

Every now and then we have a customer who would like to use  the IBM/HCL Notes or ICAA Client on Windows Terminal Servers, but this is officially not supported. Since a few days there is an Idea on “Domino Product Ideas” forum regarding this.

So if you are a customer or another Business Partner who would benefit from the Support of IBM Application Access on Windows Terminal Servers, please vote for the following Idea:


Interim Fix 5 for Domino 9.0.1 Feature Pack 10 is Out!

Domino 9.0.1 FP10IF5 is available for download, it includes the following Fixes:


Fix introduced in release SPR Description Additional Information
Interim Fix 5

for Domino 9.0.1 Feature Pack 10

MSKAB56HC9 Fix frequent crashes in GsKit on 9.01FP10 Windows Only
WSPRAWTJ5N Fix an issue with multiple replicas processing the same connection doc at the same time
ROBEAXPFDP Fix an issue with Pull Replication Failing When Run At The Same Time As A Pull/Push
OSAMAXAGGJ Fix a server crash when rmflush access the .ndx file while compact was finishing up
PMGYAKWECA Fix crashes affected by the use of NIF/NSF in databases
OSAMAVSQQL Fix a long held lock when compact is running


If you are having any of the issues described above, make sure you update your Domino Servers.

Official Article:


Domino v10 Premiere – A short recap from Frankfurt

The optimism, high hopes and anticipation for the Domino v10 was clearly not missing at the Bleed Yellow Party, the night before the official Domino v10 Launch event. The party was fully booked, and I really liked the event. Having everybody, people from IBM, HCL and Domino Enthusiasts, under the one roof before a big event like this felt great. A big thumbs up to DNUG for organizing this.

The Domino v10 Premiere was held at the Kap Europa Congress Centre, look at the entrance:

Pretty neat if you ask me.

The main event started at ten O’clock and was going well past twelve O´clock, so there was a lot of ground covered, new Information and some seriously cool demos! JavaScript and Node.JS was clearly a big point for many. There were a lot of new Domino and Notes features shown and explained as well as some statistics. Below are some slides I was able to catch during the presentation, sorry for the bad quality…

After the overview of the v10, Luis Guirigay showed us what is possible with Domino 10. Integration of Domino Applications with Office365, which looks great by the way, new features in IBM Verse on-Premises, Notes Client on Apple iOS (remarkable how good and clean this looks), “Webinized” Domino Applications with Teamworkr (which will be part of the Domino offering) and Domino Integration with Watson Workspace, Slack and Microsoft Teams.

And then some slides with features for the Administration and Maintenance.

This is how you can get Domino:

What is planed next: