HCL Verse on-Premises 1.0.8 is around the corner!

Today I came across “Verse on-Premises 1.0.8” section in IBM Knowledge Base, there it is mentioned that the Version 1.0.8 is coming in Q3 of this year.

In the “What´s New” Article, I found a few interesting features like the possibility to manage your Notes ID Password from Verse. We know that HCL wants to get rid of “Internet Passwords”, this might be first step of many to be made.

Being able to see your Archive is also a nice touch. We missed this for quite some time.

It looks like you will need Domino 10.0.1 FP2 running under Verse to be able to activate the new features, there are also a few new Notes.ini Settings you will need to set and a few options in the Notes Policy so that the users are actually able to change their Passwords. So you might want to prepare for that.


IBM Notes Domino 10.0.1 Fix Pack 1, AppDev Pack 1.0.1 and Verse on-Premises 1.0.7 Released

IBM Notes and Domino 10.0.1 Fix Pack 1 is available for Download. There are no new Features in this release, just bug fixes, for more details take a look into the official Release Notice.

IBM Notes 10.0.1 Fix Pack 1 Download

IBM Domino 10.0.1 Fix Pack 1 Download

We also got a new Version of AppDev Pack and Verse 1.0.7 last week, take a look at the official Blog Post.

Next Week is going to be interesting – Spoiler Alert!

For everybody working in ICS, next week is going to be pretty interesting,

Domino 10.0.1 together with Notes Client 10.0.1 (including the Mac Version) is going to be published next week, on December 18th, to be precise.

Verse on-Premises 1.0.6 is also coming out, I just can´t wait to start using it, because if I remember the feature list correctly…ics….support….. 😀 Fireworks! 🙂

The new Domino Community and Notes Community 10.0.1 Server will also be released, so the developers can develop their applications on Domino without any licensing costs. There was also a rumor to change the license so it can be used in production (FOR FREE) for a certain number of users, also for MAIL. I think this is a great idea. Create a few Docker Containers for Mail and Development, no Licensing Costs, imagine that!



Webcast – What’s new in Mail and Chat V10

Make sure you attend the Webcast about new Mail and Chat features in Domino V10, it takes place on 24th of May. Gabriella Davis will be one of the Speakers, so the webcast is surely going to be interesting.

Some of the “keywords”:

  • IBM Notes V10
  • IBM Verse on Premises V10
  • Sametime Chat V10

Details and a registration URL:





Integrating Verse On-Premises with Sametime

Sametime and Verse On-Premises integration is very nice and works well. It is also very easy to accomplish, so it is a shame not to try it out.

Verse & SametimeVerse Rich Client

First of all, you need Verse On-Premises 1.0.2 or newer and iNotes and Sametime integration set up.

After that just add the following “Notes.ini” parameters:


And restart the Domino HTTP task.

“VOP_GK_sametime” enables Verse and Sametime integration and “VOP_GK_sametime_rich_client” is optional, it enables Sametime rich client integration.

If you enable rich client Integration, users may get a security prompt to trust the SSL certificate if it is not a official one.

Verse Sametime cert


Verse On-Premise and Connections Files

Recently I had a problem with Verse On-Premises and Connections Files integration. Integration with Connections Profiles was working fine, but uploading an attachment to a new mail and Files application or attaching a file directly from Files App was just not working. After a bit of troubleshooting I opened a PMR.

After a little while I got an information that Verse On-Premises and Connections Files integration is officially not supported. It will be supported in future, it just isn´t supported in the current release.

Shortly after that I managed to solve the problem with the help of Roberto Boccadoro. Check out his post about this issue.

The integration with Connections Files works, you just may not get help from the IBM Support if you run into a serious problem.