Integrating Verse On-Premises with Sametime

Sametime and Verse On-Premises integration is very nice and works well. It is also very easy to accomplish, so it is a shame not to try it out.

Verse & SametimeVerse Rich Client

First of all, you need Verse On-Premises 1.0.2 or newer and iNotes and Sametime integration set up.

After that just add the following “Notes.ini” parameters:


And restart the Domino HTTP task.

“VOP_GK_sametime” enables Verse and Sametime integration and “VOP_GK_sametime_rich_client” is optional, it enables Sametime rich client integration.

If you enable rich client Integration, users may get a security prompt to trust the SSL certificate if it is not a official one.

Verse Sametime cert


12 thoughts on “Integrating Verse On-Premises with Sametime

  1. Hi Milan thanks or your post,
    Does not work for me. The browser failed to get the file include.js
    404 get stweblient/latest/include.js?lang=fr
    Any idea?


  2. We had the same issue. When we used the follwing ini parameter instead of the config doc it worked.

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  3. Good to hear that it works now. Does the VOP_GK_sametime_rich_client=1 settings works for you? I hoped that the chat’s where redirected to the st rich client.


  4. Hi Milan, We have rich client integration working. ST 901FP1 has a new webapi., which only works oke with st901FP1HF1 client. We also had to change the sametime.ini VPS client type settings.

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