HCL Domino – Default LTPA Token

I came across an HCL Domino environment with HCL Sametime where the Sametime embedded clients were logging in via LTPA but with a different authentication server than the Sametime Community server.

As you can imagine, this was important to keep in mind during a Sametime migration. The Domino server used for authenticating Sametime clients is also hosting multiple websites and using multiple LTPA tokens, so the question was, which LTPA token is actually used for authenticating the Sametime clients.

After some searching I asked a good friend, Herwig W. Schauer, and he knew the answer. The LTPA token used for authenticatication of Sametime embedded clients is the default LTPA token, which is found inside the “($WebSSOConfigs)” hidden view of the Domino directory.

To access this view, hold “CTRL” and “Shift” keys while opening the “names.nsf” database. I hope this saves someone some time. šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “HCL Domino – Default LTPA Token

  1. Actually this is the default behavior which can be customized in sametime.ini The values are not in the ini by default. I did know them but I had to ask my trusted ST resource Daniel Reichelt to find it.

    Here are the two relevant parameters:

    must contain the name of the Web SSO document used by the SametimeĀ® Community server. The
    default value is LtpaToken.

    must contain the organization name that is set in the Web SSO document used by SametimeĀ® Community server. The default value is an empty organization name.

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