HCL Sametime – Creating a Name Change Task without Sametime System Console

In the HCL Sametime version 11 there is no System Console, which means that the Name Change tasks have to be created directly in the “stnamechange.nsf” database.

This process is not documented. After trying to reinvent the wheel and failing gloriously, I decided to write a blog post about it. 🙂

Just open the “stnamechange.nsf”, with a user which has manager access on the database, click on “Create” and create a new “Name Change” document.

After that just choose the name of the document, “Description” is optional. Under “Location” enter the DN of your Sametime Community Server, “CN=<server_name>/O=<organisation_name>”. “File” is a richtext field, and here you have to upload the CSV file you want to use. You can read the details about creating the CSV file in the official documentation.

In the end the document should look like the following:

After that just run the stnamechange.cmd/.sh as you normally would with HCL Sametime version 10 or earlier.

If you are on Windows OS, open CMD as administrator, navigate to the Domino program directory and start stnamechange.cmd or stnamechange.sh respectively with the following parameters:

stnamechange.cmd <domino_program_directory> <domino_data_directory>

For example:

stnamechange.cmd c:\HCL\Domino c:\HCL\Domino\Data

That should be it. If you run into any problems, you can take a look at the log, every time you run the command, a log file is created in the “Trace” directory of the Sametime server. You can even set verbose logging.

I hope this helps and saves you some time.

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