HCL Sametime Meetings – Meeting Chat Issue

Recently I ran into the issue with HCL Sametime, the Chat was not working inside the Sametime Meetings. In this environment, the Sametime Meetings components are deployed on a single Docker host server.

After a little bit of Troubleshooting and Log Analysis, I found the following error in the Sametime Proxy catalina logs:

WARNING [https-jsse-nio-443-exec-8] com.ibm.rtc.stproxy.servlet.STProxyServlet.forward CLFRX0050E: User null – /stwebapi/chat/nway – <meeting_server_ip_address> is not authenticated.

Not coming any further, I opened a case at HCL, and the answer from the HCL Support came as fast as lightning. I deployed an internal STUN server, as it turns out, if you deploy your own STUN server and reference it for use in the “.env” file together with Google STUN servers, you should not set the “DOCKER_HOST_ADDRESS” variable inside of the “custom.env” file.

So the solution was easy, I just deleted the value of the “DOCKER_HOST_ADDRESS”, and enabled the configuration changes, as described in the official documentation.


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