HCL Connections – Survey Export Issue

Recently I came across a problem when exporting the Survey results to an Excel file, export to Open Document Spreadsheet didn’t work also, though export to an XML File worked without any issues.

The error in the GUI I was getting was:

We are unable to process your request. If this error persists, report the problem to your administrator and provide error reference.

The errors I have seen in the Surveys Application Server log:

StandardExcep E com.ibm.form.nitro.platform.StandardExceptionMapper toResponse c29d32cb-eaf7-4c42-a9c3-eaf05d272f69
com.ibm.form.platform.service.framework.exception.ServicesPlatformException: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org.odftoolkit.odfdom.pkg.OdfFileDom

AbstractFrame E com.ibm.form.platform.service.framework.AbstractFramework frameworkEvent Framework error:
java.io.IOException: Exception in opening zip file: /tmp/ibm.fsp.temp.1559308546569/configuration/org.eclipse.osgi/bundles/33/1/bundlefile

The environment I was getting this error, was a Connection 6 CR4 environment, thankfully after I updated to WebSphere and Connections 6 CR5 this error was gone. So If you get this error, make sure to update to the latest Version of WebSphere and Connections prior to contacting HCL and opening a case.

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