APNs Certificate used for Traveler Expires soon!

The APNs certificate implemented in IBM Notes Traveler,will expire on 30th March and therefore the Push Notifications for Apple iOS devices will not be possible with the “default” certificate.

The easiest way to make sure that the Push Notifications functions properly is to update your Traveler Server to or newer release. Index of all IBM Notes Traveler Releases:


In order to upgrade Traveler, there is no need to update Domino to the Version 10, although I would strongly recommend it. Traveler 10.0.X System Requirements:



2 thoughts on “APNs Certificate used for Traveler Expires soon!

  1. Hi Milan, Do you know if the IBM Traveler 9.0.x APN certificates will definitely expire on a specific date or will they be functional until an indefinite date?
    I have an IBM Traveler server, which “in theory” should have already expired the APN certificate, however I still see connections of Apple phones with iOS (without any problem).

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