Live from Tokyo – In Vienna

My employer, Axians ICT Austria GmbH, is sponsoring “HCL Tokyo Live Viewing Party” and hereby you are invited.

In Addition to the Live Stream from Tokyo, the Agenda is stacked with sessions about HCL Digital Solutions software, which will be held by Axians and other event sponsors. We also have a special guest, Cornelius Granig, the author of “The Darknet”.

If you are still not convinced, check out the cool location we have reserved.

Make sure not to miss the Live Stream from Tokyo, we will be especially delighted if you would watch it together with us in Vienna, to do so, make sure to register.

HCL Verse on-Premises 1.0.8 is around the corner!

Today I came across “Verse on-Premises 1.0.8” section in IBM Knowledge Base, there it is mentioned that the Version 1.0.8 is coming in Q3 of this year.

In the “What´s New” Article, I found a few interesting features like the possibility to manage your Notes ID Password from Verse. We know that HCL wants to get rid of “Internet Passwords”, this might be first step of many to be made.

Being able to see your Archive is also a nice touch. We missed this for quite some time.

It looks like you will need Domino 10.0.1 FP2 running under Verse to be able to activate the new features, there are also a few new Notes.ini Settings you will need to set and a few options in the Notes Policy so that the users are actually able to change their Passwords. So you might want to prepare for that.