HCL Connections – Do Not Forget To Install A New APNs Certificate For 2021

By default, the APNs certificates are valid for one year. The current APNs certificate for HCL Connections is going to expire on the 21st of March. You can update the APNs certificate by installing an Interim Fix provided by the HCL Connections development team, which can be obtained from the HCL Software License & Delivery Portal. There is an Interim Fix for basically all relevant versions of HCL Connections, 7, 6.5 CR1 and 6.0 CR6 and 6.0 CR3. For all details, take a look at the official article.

As soon as the APNs certificate expires, the users of the HCL Connections mobile app on iOS will not be able to get push notifications, which means that they will not get alerts or notifications from HCL Connections while the mobile application is running in the background.

Installing Interim Fixes for HCL Connections is fairly straightforward, for a step-by-step guide, refer to the official documentation. This particular Interim Fix will take about one to five minutes to install, depending on the environment.


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