HCL SafeLinx 1.1.1 Version available!

Since Monday there is a new version of HCL SafeLinx available. Make sure to install it, as it contains some very important fixes. Some SafeLinx functions will not work properly without it. For example, the HCL Nomad client connectivity will not be possible without this fix.

SafeLinx 1.1.1 provides fixes for the following issues:

SAFE-540: Failover not working properly for Verse mail. When configured in failover or round robin mode connect failures would not trigger a failover to other Domino servers.
SAFE-568: Redirect port not working when multiple HTTP services are defined. If multiple HTTP services are configured to redirect from port 80 to port 443, only the first service would get redirected.
SAFE-569: Replace EULA with master copy.
SAFE-573: Secure LDAP Bind authentication broken. TLS start returns -12, LDAP_NOT_SUPPORTED. Added option to allow untrusted certificates.
SAFE-585: Add cache-control to login page to cache images.
SAFE-592: Dead-Lock in restart after crash when multiple HTTP services are defined on the same port.
SAFE-598: MEM_BAD_POINTER on exit of wg_acct.
SAFE-600: Nomad mobile-only configuration fails to generate userConfig.json.
SAFE-601: Crash in network congestion recovery. Simultaneous tear down may cause race condition.
SAFE-602: Migration fails if KDB password contains shell special characters. Issues with migration when multiple HTTP services are defined, only the first service gets migrated properly.
SAFE-626: Secure Administrator configuration not reading the PKCS12 password from wgated.conf.
SAFE-627: Add Strict-Transport-Security and generic header token add function.

Official Release Notes:

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