HCL Connections 6.5 Installation – Community Highlights Database Missing

When creating Databases for HCL Connections 6.5 using the Database Wizard, you will find that the database “XCC” for the “Community Highlights” Application is missing. If you continue without it and you want to install all Connections Applications, you will get an error during the installation process stating that the Database for “Community Highlights” Application is missing.

To remedy this problem you will have to create the database manually, to do that, just extract the Package containing the Connections 6.5 Wizards, and navigate to the folder with the “icec” database scripts, for example:


In case you are using DB2, start the DB2 CMD as the DB2 Administrator and run the following commands:

db2 -tvf createDb.sql

db2 -tvf appGrants.sql

Please note that the script “appGrants.sql” allows the default Connections User, “LCUSER” to access the database. If you want to use this user to access the database, you are good to go.

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