HCL Connections – Take care when Upgrading to HCL Engagement Center from the Highlights App

Since HCL Connections 6 CR3, we have the possibility to install the “Highlights” Application, which basically is a light version of “Connections Engagement Center”, previously known as XCC and originally developed by TimeToAct Group.

The Highlights Application was well-received by most of our customers and many wanted to at least try out the full version of the HCL Connections Engagement Center.

So the question is, how do you update to the full Version? Well, the XCC or the HCL Connections Engagement Center was never hard to install and maintain, so the Upgrade is also pretty straightforward, that is, unless you are running Connections on Windows OS.

I have done a few upgrades on Linux OS, using the 6.0.2 Version of the setup for Engagement Center. This usually lasts about 10 Minutes and works like a charm. This process is described very well by the official documentation.

Recently, I had an issue upgrading to the full version on Windows platform, with the Connections 6 CR5 Version. Here I had to find out that the “ICECInstaller_Windows.bat” not only fails to upgrade the product, but it also messes up the Highlights Application, which won’t work after the update.

I opened a case at the HCL Support Site and I promptly got an update that the same problem could be reproduced in the HCL Test Environment and that the support is working on a fix for this issue, so stay tuned for that if you are planing an update.

It is possible to update the product manually, which is also a faster way if you know which file to “tweak”, but you may have a Licensing issue, so if you are planing on doing this, make sure to inform and get a confirmation from the HCL Sales Representative or HCL Support.

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