HCL Connections – The Future is Bright

Yesterday I took part of the Webcast, “HCL Connections: The Future is Bright”, it was hosted by “DNUG” (a big thumbs up for that). In this Webcast Danille Baptiste showed us the future plans for HCL Connections. And indeed I do think that the future of the product is bright. The HCL is planing integrations with Microsoft Products, Salesforce and SAP just to name a few, and finally, a proper Integration with Domino! 🙂

I always thought that I knew about all the “Connections Assets”, add-ons developed by “IBM Services”, well I was wrong, Danielle mentioned at least ten of them of which I never heard about. And guess what, HCL will make them all generally available, they will also be installed as a part of the Connections installation.

The thing I like the most is, being able to see all the information you need on single screen/browser tab, things like that blow me away and I hope this will come rather soon:

Danielle also presented a Roadmap for Connections, at the end of the Q3 we should get the next CR, and towards the end of the year we will get Connections 6.5. From there on HCL plans to deliver a major release every year.

Here are a few more slides presented.

I like the way the product is heading, the HCL recognizes the products strengths and weakness and you can clearly see that in their vision. We will hear more of that and in greater detail at Social Connections 15 in Munich.

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