SAML & IBM Notes Traveler – Encrypted E-Mails Issue

A while ago, we ran into issue with SAML on IBM Notes Traveler devices. The Users were not able to open encrypted E-Mails.

Before assigning Users with SAML Policy in Domino Directory, Users were able to upload their ID-File and open Encrypted E-Mails. But as soon as the SAML Policy was assigned to a user, that would not be possible anymore.

We opened a Ticket at IBM and shortly after that we got a confirmation that the issue is related to SPR # GFAL9ZBJVT . A few days ago we got a Hot Fix for this issue, which needs to be installed on the users Mail Server. After installing this fix, the users were able to open encrypted E-Mails on their Apple devices (with Companion App installed) without any issue.

The Hot Fix for SPR # GFAL9ZBJVT is not included in Domino 10.0.1 or 10.0.1 FP1 release.

Update: The Hotfix is included in Domino 10.0.1 FP1 Code, take a look at the article from Daniel Nashed.

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