IBM Connections Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook – End of Support

There was a lot of speculation recently what happened with “IBM Connections Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook”, it was removed from the Solution Catalog without any Information prior to the removal.

Now it is official, yesterday an official article was published stating that the Plug-in will not be available for download in the Solution Catalog. You will still be able to get it by opening a Case in the IBM Support Portal, until December 31, 2019, bug fixes and security Updates will also be available until this time. For more Information take a look at the official article:

I liked this plug-in and it is a mystery to me why it got removed…


4 thoughts on “IBM Connections Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook – End of Support

  1. Just one big question: WHY??
    Is it because of the HCL deal? Is it a final decision or is there any chance of reverting this?
    It will be difficult to communicate this to our users.
    So if you get any new information, it would be very helpful if you share it with us.
    Thank you!

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  2. It’s a shame and makes it nearly impossible to “attack” MS customers with a really great collaboration solution without any integration in those products…

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