Sametime Community Server – LTPA Token Name

If you are planning on changing the LTPA Token on a Sametime Community Server, save yourself a lot of pain by using the existing LTPA Document and keeping the default name “LtpaToken”. You may not get any errors on the console but the SSO using LTPA just won´t work.

If you want to enable Internet Sites on the Community Server, you should read the instructions in the following article:

One thought on “Sametime Community Server – LTPA Token Name

  1. Hi Milan,
    I’ve to say that the LtpaToken mandatory names is a constant/recurring issue.
    Few years ago during the first installation of a Connections release 4.5 I banged my head against the wall for few days, until the IBM support told me: even if you can change them.. you must the use the default LtpaToken names…
    Here is the resulting technote:
    So I never changed anymore the default LTPAToken names 🙂

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