Travelog, on the Path to Pink!

Today I attended an IBM Webcast, translated to English “Path to Pink”, it was held by Martti Garden and Matthias Schneider. Personally, I found it exciting and very informative. The IBM is keeping their promise and continuously delivers new Connections “Pink” parts.

I will skip the talk about technology and components on top of which Pink is being built, as well as the reasons why this is done, I am sure most are familiar with this part.

After a brief introduction with OrientMe, Connections Customizer and “Pink Metrics”, all these components are already delivered as a part of the pink package. We got a bit of insights what is coming next and a demo of some components which are not published yet.

For example, IBM Docs is coming as a Container, I personally liked the Docs Editor, which can be used in Files, Blogs and Wikis. It has a powerful export feature, which lets you export a blog to a wiki article.

“Pink Profiles” also extends the functionality of the Profiles application, many customers will like this, as it brings some highly practical functionality which was desired by many.

“Pink Middleware” will be delivered to allow new plugins and applications to be integrated in the Pink package easier.

“Pink Note”, “Connectron Client” (was also demonstrated) and “Pink Content” were just some of many terms mentioned.

For sure, these are very fun and excitement times to work with IBM Connections. I like the path were Connections is developing and the effort put by the IBM to develop the workplace of the future.


Easy way to check the connection to the MS SQL Server

After the installation of Microsoft SQL Server, to make sure that the instance can be accessed by the other software, like IBM Traveler, a simple “UDL Test” can be done. This is very useful in Windows environments, due to the fact that you do not need to install any extra software like IBM Data Studio or MS Management Studio.

Just create a new file with “.udl” extension. After that, just open the file by double-clicking it.

2018-01-17 21_29_30-Data Link Properties

After that you can enter the server and instance name, or just select it. Then you can test the credentials you intend to use for the application. You can even specify the Database you want to connect to.

There are many more settings to choose, but for a simple test I never needed anything else than described above.

#domino2025 Jam in Vienna – I´m Jammin´

I was lucky to visit the #domino2025 Jam in Vienna, this was a pleasant and positive experience. Together with IBM, HCL was also present. We learned a few new things about the future of Domino and about the HCL.

First of all, HCL is a large and stable company with most employees in North America. They have a large revenue and experience in partnerships like this, they worked with Cisco before in a similar partnership. It is clear that this is not Outsourcing but a full partnership.

The development of Domino 10 has already started, and the first package should already be delivered in 2018 Q3. Everything involving Version 10 is called “Project Sapphire” and “Chat” is also part of it. I also like that the HCL does not want to force the customers to cloud.

After we got briefed on the new Partnership and the future of Domino we started brainstorming and presenting ideas for solutions to existing problems and ideas for features we would like to have in long-term. The word “Marketing” was mentioned a few times by every team, marketing was actually discussed most, and all participants wanted it changed from ground up.

All in all, it is clear that a lot is invested in #domino2025 initiative and that it is taken seriously by both IBM and HCL. I think that many good things are going to be produced from the domino jam and I am looking forward to Domino 10.

I still can´t believe it, I am a IBM Champion for 2018!!!

Thank you very much everyone for nominating me. I am honored and proud to be part of such great community.

Over the years I met many IBM Champions and IBMers, they are all exceptional, brilliant and dedicated people. They helped me to overcome many problems and obstacles, showed me the World of IBM Collaboration Products and the importance of sharing. Thank you a ton for that!

I also want to thank Libby Ingrassia, Alan Hamilton and everyone who is part of IBM Champion Program.

I will be more active, I am going to share more and most importantly I will give my best to help other members of the community.