IBM Notes – Enable Displaying Internet Addresses

A few days ago, I searched quite a while for a possibility to display internet addresses instead of Domino usernames in Notes clients via a policy setting. Although there is not a dedicated option in a “Setting” document which could be rolled out via policies, there is a new “notes.ini” setting:


Which allows to rollout this feature using a policy. This is described in the official article.

Before this “notes.ini” setting can take effect, you need to upgrade the Domino mail templates to the 9.0.1 FP8 version.

You can download the mailtemplates using the following URLs:



I like this new feature very much, it makes sense to implement it in an environment where you have a single Domino domain or OU, but many mail domains which were created by acquiring smaller companies. Or if you just want to make users who are more accustomed to Outlook happy. 🙂


Traveler is out and it brings one big change!

Since yesterday the new Traveler Update is out.

As usual there are a few bugfixes, but this time there is also a new feature which changes the way the users mail file is accessed.

Until now the users mail database was accessed by the Traveler server using the server ID, but starting from Traveler the “run as user” Feature will be enabled by default, which means that the users mail database will be accessed with a user ID rather than the server ID. This behavior can be disabled by using the “notes.ini” parameter “NTS_USER_SESSION=false“.

Details on what´s new.

The Traveler update can be downloaded from Fix Central.