Photos missing in Sametime Webclient

Recently I tried to configure Sametime Proxy Server to show profile photos from IBM Connections in Sametime web client business cards. SSO through LTPA was setup between Sametime, 9.0.1 version, and Connections, 5.5 CR2 version, environment and the configuration needed was done on the Sametime Proxy server. But after synchronization and restart of the ST Proxy, the photos would still not show up in the web client.

Video showing this error.

As you can see the browser just tries to load the photo and there are no errors in GUI. With Chrome and Fiddler I managed to catch HTTP 403 error, I could also see the HTTP 403 error in the IBM HTTP Server log, rather than that there were no other errors. I think it is also important to mention that with IE and Fiddler I could not catch the HTTP 403 error, the IE would not even stop trying to load the photo.

The solution was to set “allowJsonpJavelin” to “true” in the “profiles-config.xml” file.

<allowJsonpJavelin enabled=”true”/> 
After that just synchronize the nodes and restart Connections Applications, most likely it will be enough just to restart the “Profiles” application.
Big thanks to Martin Leyrer and Dave Fleetham for helping me solve this one, I hope this will show up soon in the Knowledge Center. 🙂
This configuration change is needed only if you upgrade Connections to 5.0 CR4 or later.
There is also a blog post from Tom Bosmans about this matter.


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