“Pitfall” when implementing Sametime Awareness in IBM Connections

If you are implementing Sametime Awareness in IBM Connections through Sametime Proxy server, as described in the official documentation, make sure that “isConnectClient” attribute, in “LotusConnections-config.xml” file, is set to “false”.  The example in the Documentation shows otherwise:

2016-07-18 22_18_29-IBM Knowledge Center - Adding Sametime awareness through the Sametime server - A

If you set the “isConnectClient” attribute to “true”, and the rest of the configuration is OK, the connection to the Sametime Proxy server will work, but the loading of the Homepage after the login will take significantly longer, some users may even get warning messages stating that they are unable to log in to Sametime.

This problem especially impacts the Firefox Browser, for some reason Chrome is much less affected and the issue is not that easy notice.

A big thanks to Martin Leyrer for sharing this. 🙂


IBM Connections Docs 2.0 CR1 fix does not install


I tried to install Docs 2.0 CR1 but when I ran the command to perform the upgrade the task failed, specifically when updating the Conversion server, with the error “Target with name ic55.eld.it was not found.”

I quickly found out that two other esteemed friends, Christoph Stoettner and Milan Matejic, had encountered the same issue and were able to solve it.

The problem is in the file config.py that is in the patch installation directory. At the bottom of the file there the line “self.me_hostname = socket.gethostname()”. The solution  is to change that to “self.me_hostname = socket.getfqdn()”.

Once I did that, CR1 installed flawlessly. Thanks a lot to Christian and Milan!

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