IBM Connections Mail: Unable to read encrypted mail

I have experienced the issue with ICM in connection with iNotes where the users where unable to read encrypted E-Mails.

The following screenshot shows the error in the GUI:

The message is encrypted.

The mail server is configured to require a secure channel to deliver this message but one is not available. Contact your administrator.

I could reproduce this issue with ICM 1.6 iFix 2 in Connections 5 CR3 environment and ICM 1.7 in Connections 5.5 CR1 Environment.

The issue was resolved by editing the following line in “LotusConfig.xml” file:

<genericProperty name=”shindig.config.container.overrides”>{“atom.feed” : {“isEntryContentElementForced” : false, “isEntrySummaryElementForced” : true}}</genericProperty>


<genericProperty name=”shindig.config.container.overrides”>{

“atom.feed” : {“isEntryContentElementForced” : false, “isEntrySummaryElementForced” : true},

“gadgets.sso” : {“cookieDomain” : “<FQDN_of_iNotes_Server>”, “cookieNames” : “LtpaToken,LtpaToken2,iwaSSL,iwaSSL2,Shimmer”}



<genericProperty name=”shindig.config.container.overrides”>{

            “atom.feed” : {“isEntryContentElementForced” : false, “isEntrySummaryElementForced” : true},

            “gadgets.sso” : {“cookieDomain” : “”, “cookieNames” : “LtpaToken,LtpaToken2,iwaSSL,iwaSSL2,Shimmer”}


According to Support, this configuration change was only needed when using SPNEGO and it will be corrected in the next release.

A big thumbs up to IBM Support for helping us with this issue.


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