Changing the IP-Address of a Connections Server

There are a few things to consider before changing the IP-Address of a DMGR or a WAS node where Connections applications are running.

It is important to make sure that you have used a DNS record instead of the IP-Address you wish to change in course of the installation and configuration of IBM Connections. This way you can be sure that there are no other changes you have to apply in order to successfully change the IP, assumed you do not change the name of the DNS record.

This is where a good documentation matters, the easiest way to check if IP-Addresses were used in course of the configuration would be to check the documentation of the Connections environment.

The other way is to search for the IP-Address you want to change in the XML configuration files of the WAS cell, if you don´t find it there than you can be pretty sure that you are good to go. Since undocumented configuration changes are frequent this should be a recommended course of action.

The XML files mentioned above are located under:


It is also important to check the other possible consequences in your network environment.

After that you can continue with the following steps:

  1. Shutdown all WAS Application Servers running on a Server whose IP needs to be changed.
  2. Shutdown the Node Agent.
  3. Shutdown the DMGR, if it is running on the same server.
  4. Shutdown the IBM HTTP Server, if it is running on the same server.
  5. Change the IP-Address.
  6. Delete the WAS directories with temporary data.
    • <WAS_Installation_Root>\AppServer\profiles\<DMGR_Profile>\temp
    • <WAS_Installation_Root>\AppServer\profiles\<DMGR_Profile>\wstemp
    • <WAS_Installation_Root>\AppServer\profiles\<Node_Profile>\temp
    • <WAS_Installation_Root>\AppServer\profiles\<Node_Profile>\wstemp
  7. Start all components in a reverse order.
  8. Check if your Connections Applications are working correctly.
  9.  Document the IP-Address change.






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