TDI Job “sync_all_dns.bat” fails to run

Recently I noticed that some employee records in PeopleDB were not in Sync with the records on our LDAP Server.

Looking at the Job History in “Task Scheduler” on our Backend Server, Windows Server 2008 R2,  were TDI Job “sync_all_dns.bat” runs I could see that the Job was being triggered at regular intervals as configured without any problems. After looking at the TDI Wizard Log Files, “ibmdi.log”, it was clear to me that the “sync_all_dns.bat” batch file was not run for a while, the value of “Date modified” Field was about two days old.

The “sync_all_dns.lck” File had the same value in “Date modified” Field, so the job “froze” for some reason.

2015-08-19 21_19_49-mRemoteNG - C__Users_wbtmam_AppData_Roaming_mRemoteNG_confCons.xml

After manually deleting the “sync_all_dns.lck” file the “sync_all_dns.bat” Batch file could be run and the PeopleDB synchronized with our LDAP Server without any problems.

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