Files “An unknown error has occurred.”

Recently I encountered an error in IBM Connections which caused me a lot of headaches.

A Customer informed me that he cannot see the files of a community. After opening a community and clicking on files tab the following error pops out “An unknown error has occurred”, at the same time Firebug Plugin was showing “Network Error: 403 Forbidden”. As shown in a screenshot below:

Files Error4 Blur

The customer has not made any changes in the environment. At first I could not reproduce this issue in the Connections environment of our customer or in any other environment. After a lot of troubleshooting we opened a PMR regarding this problem.

A few weeks later, yes we were troubled by this issue for weeks, tickets started to pop-out in our helpdesk showing that this error started to occur in basically all other Connections environments we are managing.

At first I thought this error was occurring only in Firefox, later on we got the info that this issue could be reproduced in Chrome and IE, regardless of the Version. I could also verify that this problem occurred in Connections 5.0 CR1, CR2 and CR3.

At this point I started to get desperate, thankfully the IBM Support provided us with the Interim Fix for Communities Application, which is applicable for Connections 5 CR1, CR2 & CR3.  Until now I tested it on CR3 Version, the iFix worked perfectly, resolving our issue.

The number of the Interim Fix we got is “IFLO86000”.

I hope this saves you some hair… 🙂


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